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Computer Cleaning

Computer cleaning

The facts about germs and your computers, cell phone, MP3 player and even your TV remote may startle you. Researchers say that there are 200 times more bacteria on these devices than on a toilet seat. This translates to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of germs. These keyboard germs are microorganisms that carry the flu virus, MRSA, the common cold virus and many other infectious bacteria. That number increases exponentially with the amount of users (ie: a shared computer—school computer labs, hospitals, offices). When you touch your keyboard and other hand-held devices, those germs are then transferred to your hands, and then from your hands to everything else you touch. This cycle continues from person to object, object to person and so on.

So what’s the solution? Washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap? Think again! Hand washing is just the beginning, since the germs, bacteria and disease-causing contaminants that can make you sick are still alive and waiting for you right at your fingertips.

At Rochelles Maintenance Ltd Ltd our trained technology cleaners have the equipment to render all of the items safe for immediate use! Please contact a member of our office who will be able to discuss with you the exact requirements to suit your needs.

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